Many of you that made it to the party somehow managed to avoid being photographed.  Here are those not so lucky.

Moi of course

I worked with Jennifer at Rockwell and she's married to Bob, also ex-rockwell.
One of my longest running friends
Ex of netgenics

Joe and Dave are co-workers.  I worked with Tom at both Reliance and Rockwell.

Friends of mine formerly of netgenics
Coworker of Cindy and Steffanie
Rick is Stephanie M's husband and Jodi is a friend of mine from way back.
My guitar playing cousin Pat and his wife Karla

Joyce worked with me at Netgenics and now works with Robin and Steve.  Tom is Joyce's husband.
Chuck is a coworker of Deb.
Robin is soon to be formerly of netgenics.

Kathryn is my most recent neighbor, Rae works at Rockwell and Bill used to.
My brother in law.  The infamous P.A. from the pre-party web site.
Stephanie M.  Got me my current job.

Old friend Mike and much newer friend Jennifer
Another netgenics alum.
My sister.  Married to P.A.  Pity her.
You already met Jennifer.  Michele, for some reason I thought you spelled your name with one 'L' and now I'm afraid I'm wrong, also worked with me at Rockwell.
Michel(l)e's husband.