Turn LEFT onto EUCLID AVE. go 0.5 mi.

Turn RIGHT onto MAYFIELD RD.go 0.9 mi.

Turn SHARP RIGHT onto KENILWORTH RD.  go 0.1 mi.

Turn RIGHT onto OVERLOOK RD. 0.1 mi

My building is the first building on the left.


Come down MAYFIELD RD, Past Coventry

Along Lakeview Cemetary

Until you get to the light where MAYFIELD splits like a Y off to the right and drops into little Italy.

You make the left onto KENILWORTH then follow the directions for the WEST.



2472 Overlook #10

Cleveland Heights



There's usually plenty of parking on Overlook (both sides after 6:30) which is free.  There is a parking lot on the corner of overlook and kenilworth that has a few metered spaces but mostly it's permit only.  The lot behind the building is tennant only.

When you get to the building there is no buzzer or doorbell.  Just come in.

Go up the stairs and out the back door because my unit is only accesible from the back stairs.  Don't be scared.