Summer has left us

Depression surrounds us all

Time for a party

Nov 16th

What is a Haiku
Haiku about Spam
t h e   r e p l i e s  


Teresa & Gary
Autumn in the Heights 
Tasty beer, hors d'oeuvre delights 
Friends, bet! 
Rudy Haiku? God bless you!
Thanks for the invitation
Yes, I will be there


Gayle thanks for bash invite
jessica with bells will be
there to hold my hand



(the angry 

haiku poet)

haiku fuck you now 
pretentious son of a bitch 
count us in and die 


Invitation graciously accepted 
Joy overwhelmes us 
Too much sex 
Calenders are marked 
Friday the 16th 
Waiting for details 


Senryu is this
structurally like haiku
not about nature
Senryu is this
Repondez s'il vous plait now...
I will see you there.
I'd like to respond
for extra credit but Dave,
what is a haiku?
Noted is the date
In my Outlook calendar
Hoping that I will...
your party sounds fun 
commitment not my strong point 
but I plan to show 
Most unfortunate? 
Kichler sends me to Dallas 
It's still Summer there!!!  
(I won't be able 
to make it, but thanks for the 
swell invitation!) 
november bitter 
drives my lonely soul to warmth 
of cozy parties 
a fete by Dave L 
much fun to be had by all 
except for piglet 
missing the fun and friends too 
in CA I'll be 
Fall boasts, Winter's hushed 
colorful leaves soon to dust 
in dark bitten light 
bitter stare, cold's clutch 
chill air triggers social lust 
hunger drives, go I must 
festooned with desire 
to engage the human kind 
satisfy the mind 
Nigh, the code freeze date 
Yearn for the warm company 
Of fellow souls great 
To those who have seen
The beauty of the machine
Are sites seldom seen
Sorry for the rhymes
I am averse to terse verse
No rhymes, all the worse 


A poet I'm not 
But I do like beer a lot 
I will dig your bash 


Dave C
The festivities 
Are coming pre-Thanksgiving 
Will plan to attend 
Libation issue 
What drinks should attendees bring? 
Hangovers follow 


Have not had coffee yet 
Planning on and excited to be coming 
Have to go get coffee 
It's about time Dave 
We expect more parties now 
To chase away blues 
Winter is so bleak 
There is no way to jet ski 
We must drink instead 


I'm going to Frisco 
the next morning - I'll be there, 
But not up too late.
so in other words 
i will be at your party 
but will keep sober.


Cold northern winds stir 
Lemanowicz plans counter 
Hibernation mode 


You have way too much 
Time on your young looking hands 
You need a girlfriend 


To attend or no? 
Auto Fair travel decides 
Too much work spoils play 
Oh the dilemma 
To the Fair, or Dave's gala? 
How late is my plane? 
Be the journey brief 
And no harm or foul befalls 
Perhaps we'll attend