Well, the party is over and now the pictures.

It's a good thing I came when I did.  Everyone was so serious.  So I turned my charm on the ladies and they couldn't believe it.  That got the party started.

The paparazzi were there of course pestering the guests.  They're always drawn by the haute couture that pervades Dave's parties.  

I had to chase them off and document the party myself.  I'm not too tall though and so my perspective is limited.  Here are three of my favorites though.  Correctly identify the 3 party guests and win free beer*.  Submit guesses here.

I had a great time and I know Dave did.  Here's how he looked the next day.

Anyway, let's see those pictures.


*While supplies last.  Free beer must be drunk at Dave's with Dave.  Void where prohibited by law.  If desired beer is not available we reserve the right to substitute another beer of arbitrary quality.